Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Good Advice from High Flying Leaders

Reading this morning's papers I came across some good advice from two high flyers from the aviation industry.

Firstly a wonderful piece from Barbara Cassani, former head of Go Fly budget airline, where she shared some tips on success, para-phrased here:

It’s people that make a business fly....

  • Break down the hierarchy
  • Avoid double talk - Be open with staff.
  • Encourage people to try things. Everyone makes mistakes but we reacted quickly and didn’t spend a lot of time pointing fingers or blaming people.
  • Pick a good team of people and “not people who were like me”
  • Recognise your own weaknesses and limitations and account for that.
  • Make the time to visit employees, factories, shops or offices, schedule into diaries three months ahead.
  • Say thanks to staff. It’s easy, cheap and makes a massive difference.

The other was my old shipmate and everybody's favourite business character, Richard Branson who said "Almost everything I've learned, I've learned by doing" - More support for experiential learning!

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